De voordelen die snorkels bieden, maken ze essentieel in de basisuitrusting van elk off-road voertuig.

Een snorkel biedt bijvoorbeeld extra bescherming voor uw motor in stoffige omstandigheden, bij doorwadingen maar ook tijdens dagelijks gebruik van uw voertuig.

Bravo Snorkel is the first specialized snorkel manufacturer in Europe with development and production control from its base in northeast Spain, offering a high-level product at affordable prices; a combination that never existed before.

Produced with polyethylene LLDPE from American chemical company ExxonMobil in a single piece by rotational moulding, these snorkels are indicated for both normal and demanding use. The remaining pieces of these complete kits have been also carefully produced with the 0best materials of their kind. Includes a template with instructions of use in English and Spanish.

Considering all these features, Bravo Snorkel offers a 5 year warranty in all products, for both exhaustive and occasional off-road use as well as for any manufacturing malfunction. As the official and exclusive distributor of Bravo Snorkel in Europe, in Snorkel 4x4 we are committed to fully applying the warranty across the whole continent.

All Bravo Snorkel range kits are delivered with a production certificate of quality and product materials, and according to the compliance of the EC Directives applied in this accessory.

Decide carefully which kit will you use to equip your 4x4, its engine life will be up to you!

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